Frame/Sunglass Size Guide

Choosing the appropriate size for your sunglasses/frame can be a bit difficult. We will explain to you three easy methods which will help you decide on the right-sized eyewear.

1. Using your existing Eyewear:

The diameter of every lens is known as the width of the lens. The distance between the 2 lenses is known as the width of the bridge. The length from the screw on the facade of the frame till the end of the temples is called the length of temples. There might be a pair of frames that you are currently using and you can note down the dimensions of the frame. You may get 3 numbers in the series as shown. Refer to the frame size chart in the image to gain the perspective of sizes. 

2. Computing eyeglass frame size with ruler

It might happen that the size on your present frames is blurred or not printed. For this, you are required to take help of a millimeter ruler or a cloth measuring tape to compute the frame. eyeglasses or sunglasses with no problem.

3. Through a credit card

Align one boundary of the width of the card with the mid of your face.

  • If the card end border is away from the eye, then Small frames are preferable
  • If the card end border is with your eye, then medium frames are recommended
  • If the card end border is before your eye – Large frames are appropriate